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London, UK
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About Abroad Films
Abroad Films is a production service company with HQ in London providing production services in Hungary and Bulgaria.

We are a leading service provider. Our experts can help facilitate any scale of production whilst achieving some of the most competitive prices on the market. The London HQ was set up in 2019 with 20+ years of experience in commercials and advertising in the CEE region.

We offer production services for TV commercials, documentaries, short and long-form content, features, music videos and photographic stills.

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Why use us?
//  We can organise every aspect of your production from PPM to post-production.
//  Provide extensive varied locations
//  Provide an extensive selection of studios with sound stages, water tanks and studio lots for building sets
//  Secure the industry’s top crew
//  Cast local and international talent and background extras
//  Recommend local VFX and post houses we know and trust
//  Recommend and book local accommodation for all cast & crew
//  Manage all visa and work permit enquiries.
//  Give local insight into finance and tax benefits for filming in Hungary