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Production Company
London, UK
About Fresh Film

Fresh Film is a BAFTA winning female-led global production studio, promoting diversity and inclusion with our talented roster of filmmakers. Known for our ability to solve problems and provide creative solutions for any and every form of production.

Based in London + New York + Asia + Prague our family brings together Directors, Photographers, Producers, Creators, and Writers from across the globe, telling stories in all forms of film and digital production.

Created in 2006 by Founder/MD Kim Griffin we offer a full-service production studio widely experienced in creating, developing, problem-solving and crafting all forms of high-quality creative solutions, at any and every stage of production, and for any brief.

Our growing family has evolved to include Casting Agency Real People Casting and New York’s renowned Photography Agency Ray Brown Represents, allowing us to create streamlined 360 productions.

All this, combined with an unbridled passion for making great work with great people, is what makes Fresh Film.