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Jimmy Brings
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The Brief:

Jimmy Brings asked us to deliver their first traditional TVC integrated campaign. With people making fewer trips to the bottleshop during Covid’s first wave, they were keen to spread the word of their speedy 30-minute alcohol delivery service.

The Paper Moose response:

We wanted to nod to this huge crisis, without capitalising on it. We also needed to stand apart from
the ubiquitous ‘unprecedented’ and ‘together’ messaging that saturated television, instead wanting to share a little joy and give Australians something to smile about. With uncertainty over lockdown, we also needed spots that would stay relevant if things suddenly returned to normal.

Partnering with Australian media personality Sophie Monk, we explored the quirky side of lockdown life and the weird hobbies and pastimes we’d picked up in our newly found hours. It was even getting difficult to judge time itself, as the days and weeks passed by. Everyone could relate to these insights, which gave us a unique way to explore the fast service.

Viewers see Monk order on the app and get back to the odd things she was doing – solo yoga practice, getting crafty with food and prepping for a video conference date – with Jimmy Brings faster-than-expected delivery arriving before she’s ready.

The results:

The campaign itself delivered beyond all expectations. Community engagement soared, with people making their own replica veggie heads at home. This was turned into a competition, with more and more people joining in the quirky fun.

Overall our media was viewed a whopping 41 million times. This was a priceless way to build Jimmy Brings brand recognition – with a recognisable face.

Earned media articles were published and it was the first time the brand reached Top 10 in Food and Drinks on the App Store.


Jimmy Brings 'While You Wait' - Yoga with Sophie Monk (Extended)

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