Nike Korea - Choose Phenomenal
Music & Sound
Tokyo, Japan
Agency / Creative

Together with our good friends at Wieden + Kennedy, our Tokyo office worked on a music composition for a very special Nike campaign that has the aim of empowering Korean women to choose for themselves.

Life is giving us a lot of options when it comes to choosing what path to go (and by that, we don’t mean whether or not you should put pineapple on pizza).

But how often do we feel pressured to make decisions based on what society wants without following our instinct?

With its ‘Choose Phenomenal’ campaign, Nike wants to show Korean girls and women how they can be phenomenal through sports by unlocking their inner potential.

The concept of choosing between different options was also the rationale for Director Roger Guardia to use split screens, so the viewer could decide what to focus on.

MassiveMusic Tokyo created an accompanying upbeat composition to fit with the athletic movements of the women – whether it's basketball, kickboxing or dancing.

Our Director of Creative Development APAC Tamon Fujimi says:

“The whole tone needed to be organic in order to make it really personal. That's how the music meeting started. The tempo, tone and melody all have a human element to it. The pacing is the most important part of this project because we needed a track that feels like it’s coming out of a human body.

It gradually builds up, like when you listen to your heartbeat after an intense workout session. Even the filtered guitar and strings make it feel like it’s a personal soundtrack that comes from within.”

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