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Tesco Mobile

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BBH Team

BBH Creative Team: James King & Gary Higgs

BBH Creative Director: Philip Holbrook & Stuart Royall

BBH Strategist: Jocelyn Ingram

BBH Strategy Director: Richard Madden

BBH Business Lead: James Rice

BBH Account Manager: Francesca Somerville

BBH Account Director: Kim Baxter


BBH Producer: Sarah Finnigan-Walsh

BBH Assistant Producer: Rory Lions Reames

Production Company: Black Sheep Studios

Director: Alex Southam

Executive Producer: Sophie Dewey

Producer: Amber Millington

DoP: Ben Magahy

Post Production: Unit

Editor/Editing House: Chris Roebuck TenThree

Sound: Unit

Lead Music Supervisor: Ninja Tune


BBH Producer: Sally Kursa

Photographer: Leandro Farina

Categories: Consumer Electronics, Mobile Devices

BBH London, 2 months ago