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VanMoof - Reflections

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Music Supervision | Client: VanMoofProduction: Builders Club

VanMoof, the globally celebrated Dutch brand for high performance e-bikes launches their first TV commercial ‘Reflections’ with the help of London-based creative production company, Builders Club. 

The campaign aims to convey the brand’s future-facing identity with a clear message there is a new agenda for travel and commuting. ‘New Day’ by Jackie Lomax, covered by British singer LYRA, soundtracks the narrative and lyrically emphasises the concept of a re-birth in travel directing the audience to look to the greener future. 

Adelphoi's Head of Production, Jonathan Watts spoke of the music, "The opening piano expresses a melancholy lament of how many of us have felt when we reflect on the polluted world around us, but the lyrics and chord progressions suggest hope and positive change. It felt a more modern piece suited the film as it helped reflect the forward thinking message of a brighter future".

Complex 3D simulations begin to artfully melt the car and its reflections into abstraction - dissolving wheels and wing mirrors until the last recognisable forms of the brake lights disappear. From the molten remains, emerges the VanMoof S3 model.


Advertiser: VanMoof

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: VanMoof

Production Company

Production Company: Builders Club

Producer: Lauren Egen


Music Company: Adelphoi Music

Composer: 'New Day' by LYRA (cover of Jackie Lomax)

Music Supervisor: Jonathan Watts

Categories: Sports and Leisure

Adelphoi Music, 2 months ago