Ancestry - Untold Stories

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CLIENT: Ancestry

Vice President,Global Brand Creative and Media: Paige Grossman

Associate CD / Art Director: Brenden Yezbak

Associate CD / Writer: Guy Reingold

Senior Project Manager: Nik Yokomizo

Director, Creative Operations: Janine Johnson


Bonfire Labs, San Francisco:

Partner: Mary Mathaisall

Creative Lead / Editor: Robbie Proctor

Creative Lead: Jaime Flynn

Design, Animation & VFX Artist: Bobby Van Dyke

Designer: Amanda Morsello

Production Assistant: Bridget Braley

Sr. Producer: Kelly Gibbs


Music Company: 19 Sound

Composer: Jack Wyllie and Will Ward

Audio Producer: Oscar Kugblenu

Genres: Documentary, Music & Sound Design, Storytelling

Categories: Business Services, Marketing

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