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Against a backdrop of empty central London, this film celebrates the acts of courage and kindness we have all witnessed, and partaken in, during the lockdown period. From simultaneously caring for our families whilst physically distancing from them when we most want to see them. From discovering our local areas to supporting the small businesses that keep them alive and from clapping our carers to staying home to help their workload. Born out of WhatsApp conversations between our Senior Copywriter Elliott Starr and Cinematographer Federico Alfonzo, captured by Alfonzo on lone daily outings and scripted, edited, voiced and graded remotely, the film is a testament to what we can achieve together even while we are apart.

Written by: Elliott Starr

DoP: Federico Alfonzo (.com)

Post Production Company: nineteentwenty

Colourist: Kai Van Beers

Producer: Emma Shuter

Voiceover: Daisy Nesbitt

Sound: Munzie Thind (GCRS)

Supported by 20something

Genres: People

Categories: Other

20something, 1 month ago