Beats by Dre 'Extraordinary Hero' - 'Extraordinary Hero'

Beats by Dre 'Extraordinary Hero'
Production Company
Los Angeles, USA

When a young artist struggling to follow her true passion gets yanked into a comic world and attacked by a greedy, soul-sucking villain, she is left in desperate need of a guiding figure. Enter Kris Wu. Actor, rapper, singer, model, entrepreneur. An all around real-life superhero. He does it all while showing the world the true power of creativity.

Every texture, every line and every color was carefully chosen to tell this story and decipher the two worlds all while emphasizing how important it is to believe in your own passions. "We dug deep into our younger selves (who are we kidding, we’re still just as giddy about it all) and reopened our favorite comic books, manga and movies for inspiration, pulling together the most dynamic and visually stunning elements from each."

This allowed Scholar to create a unique design style, mixing crisp edges of a comic world and the gritty textures of an artist’s touch. Leaning fully into the comic world, they created everything as a vertical film, taking advantage of new and inventive storytelling methods to engage and excite.  

Enough with the words already! Let’s take a deep breath and dive into the creative world of Beats by Dre together!

About Scholar

Scholar is a creative production company drawn together by their love for design, endless curiosity and passion for engaging viewers on an emotional level. The company blends top-tier artistry with production expertise to forge braver, smarter content that is highly original. A full-service studio with offices in Los Angeles and New York, fueled by a diverse array of award-winning creators, Scholar produces work that is driven by substance and elevated by style.