Breck Foundation - Breck's Last Game

Breck Foundation
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The story of Breck Bednar has not gone entirely unpublicised since the 14 year old’s murder in 2014, but the full impact of this horrifying story had not been fully impressed where it was needed most - with young people in potentially similar situations.  Breck was brutally murdered by 17 year old Lewis Daynes having befriended him through online gaming, after which he was lured to Daynes’ home before being attacked.  The fact that this situation escalated with such terrible results, that the ‘conduit’ for their engagement was online gaming and that the target of such blatant grooming was male marks the case out as particularly remarkable.  Despite the creation of perfectly adequate documentaries on the subject, a short-form piece with contemporary distinctiveness was needed to powerfully disseminate the message of the Breck Foundation (founded by Breck’s mother, Lorin) directly to young people in schools, colleges and youth groups as well as through a wide-reaching social media campaign.

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