Lays - Stadium

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Music Supervision | Client: Lays / Agency: 180 Kingsday

The latest Lay's film featuring Messi and Pogba, shows an impressive football stadium at dusk. Right before kick-off, when everyone is silent with anticipation, someone opens a packet of Lay's, and everyone in the stadium looks around. An epic wide shot then shows the crowd clambering over their seats to get to the chips.

Digging deep into the archives, we found an unknown old 1950’s track from John Barry - Let’s Have a Wonderful Time. The song’s quirky, fun feel and lyric reference of Let’s Have a Wonderful Time helps bring out the fun, festival-like and playful atmosphere of the film.


Advertiser: Lays

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: 180Kingsday


Music Company: Adelphoi Music

Adelphoi Music, 20 days ago