DIOR, The Scent Of My Man - Episode 2 "Runways"

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In " Runaways", the 2nd episode of the "Scent Of My Man" series, Dior Homme ignites through the Manhattan lens. In the city that never sleeps, we explore the intimate dimension of fragrance and the power of its imprint, diving deep into the hypnosis of Dior Homme.

Like an olfactory journey through New York Ciry, the couple retraces the most evocative moments of their relationship.


Advertiser: DIOR

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: FONDAMENTALE

Creative Director: Filippo Fornasini

Production Company

Production Company: Boogie Nights

Director: Amber Grace Johnson

Producers: Romain Daubeach - Jonas Ramuz

Production Service

Production Service Company: Second Nature

Producers: Cassidy Ellis - Christopher Sachs


Edit: Gianluigi Carella - Steven Ada

Post Production / VFX

Post: Steven Ada

Producer: Christopher Sachs

Genres: Luxury

Boogie Nights, 1 month ago