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Coffee & TV were commissioned by McCann Demand to bring to life a poem inspired by people and animals for Mayhew, a London-based animal welfare organisation.

The stunning sequence directed by Coffee & TV’s Head of Design, Steve Waugh, features single line illustrations by the renowned artist Dane Khy. The studio’s Motion Graphics team took Khy’s 2D artwork and remodelled the imagery to live in a 3D space. Animating the sketches elevated the story being told in a dynamic and engaging way. Khy also supplied Coffee & TV’s artists with watercolour washes so the team could add a painted look to create depth and mood in scenes.

The animation is part of a series of poems for the charity. Mayhew said the campaign aims to; “bring the idea of an inseparable bond to life, and help people reflect on the animals or animal lovers in their own lives and how they would feel if that line was broken.”

Champions of Mayhew, theatre actor Emily Raymond and journalist Louis Theroux, provided voiceovers for the animation.


Advertiser: MAYHEW

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: McCann Demand

Creative Managing: Rob Steeles

Creatives: Alban Laurent & Lily Peters

Agency Producer: Sam Debock

Production Company

Production Company: Coffee & TV

Director: Steve Waugh

Artist: Dane Khy

Post Production / VFX

Post Production Company: Coffee & TV

Lead Animator: Christian Tailor

Animation: Jon Foskett

Producer: Gus Quirk

Genres: Animation, Visual VFX, Scenic, Storytelling

Categories: Other

Coffee & TV, 11 months ago