One More Day

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When words fail. Don't use words.

This simple, almost wordless, video was inspired by a staggering statistic on gun violence in America. A powerful social component also served to drive people to the site and encourage their activism in search of a solution to this modern epidemic.


Advertiser: One More Day

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: Something Different

Partner/Chief Creative: Tommy Henvey

Managing Partner/Executive Producer: Patti McConnell

Production Company

Production Company: Station Film

Director: Andrew Wonder

Producer: Alon Simcha

Executive Producer: Stephen Orent

Executive Producer: Michelle Towse

Executive Producer: Caroline Gibney


Edit Company: Crew Cuts

Partner/Editor: Jake Jacobsen

Partner/Executive Producer: Nancy Jacobsen

Producer: Stephanie Norris

Post Production

VFX Company: Crew Cuts

VFX Creative Director: Iam Glaum

Producer: Stephanie Norris

Mixer: Julienne Guffain

Something Different, 6 months ago