"Run It Back" | Wicked Tuna

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“Run It Back”

Written by David Numbers

Directors Cut :45 spot of Wicked Tuna Season 8 promotional series sell for National Geographic.

| Credits |

National Geographic

Creative Director | Tyler Korba

VP / Creative Director Design | Brian Everett

Executive Producer | Erin Newsome

Producer, Writer | David Numbers

Art Director | Jeremy Tate

Evolve Studio

Directed & Shot by The Edwards Brothers

Executive Producer | Daniel Kiedis

Produced by Jen Lewis

Camera Dept | Aaron Seldon, Kendall Rittenour, Zach Prichard

Art Director | Tracie Prichard

Edited by Mark Ablaza

VFX by Ryan Trommer & Aaron Wheeler

Sound Design & Mix by Radium & Ryan Pribyl

Co-Produced, Filmed & Post Production by Evolve

Genres: Documentary, Idents, Action, Storytelling, Drama

Categories: Media and Entertainment, Online Media

Evolve, 6 months ago