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Five By Five
Contemplative Reptile
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Watch the making-of interview with director Izzy here:

A short animated film that tells the journey of life through the use of epic, beautiful environments and meaningful character animation. It shows how we should open our eyes to the good things that happen every day, to the experiences we share with the people we love, and the silver linings and the lessons to be learnt in even the lowest times.

Directed by

Izzy Burton

Poem written by

Rachel Cladingbowl

Music by

Vince Webb

Narrated by

Harry Ditson

Environments by

Izzy Burton

Modelling by

Chris Rais

Pietro Licini

Rigging by

Anthony Delliste

Character Animation by

Phil Brooks

Anthony Delliste

Dane Winn

Rendering & Shading by

Dane Winn

2D Animation & Compositing by

Izzy Burton

SFX by

John Paul Sutherland

Special Thanks to

Jérémy Cissé

Nathan Wilkes

Production Manager

Chantal Baldwin


Tom Box

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