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CALL OF DUTY: Modern Warfare

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A city soaked with war, helicopters, smoke, and the atmosphere of the heavy battle. We were pretty tight in time to create all of it. Under the direction of Takcom and great support from the Gyar team we made it happen. Starring Tsubasa Honda the new soldier) – a game enthusiast and a great actress who enjoyed this project as much as we all did. It was a real Call of Duty.


Advertiser: Activision Japan

Post Production / VFX

Director: TAKCOM

Postproduction Studio: Juice

Postproduction Support: Gyar

Producers: Yui Nakagami, András Piroska, Balázs Herszényi

CG Supervisors: Michał Dwojak-Hara, Róbert Erdélyi Áron Hargitay

Art Director/Concept Artist: Rafał Gosieniecki

CG Artists: Sándor Garaczi, Gyula Némedi, Diána Nagybákay, Balázs Hajdu, Zoltán Markó

Compositing Artists: Kristof Gaál, Richárd Nagy

Genres: Visual VFX

Categories: Media and Entertainment

Juice, 1 year ago