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Taiko | Airbnb China: "Fú"

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Production Company: Final Frontier

Executive Producer: Chris Colman, Julieta Zajaczkowski, Gustavo Karam

Lead Producer: Yanyie Tran

Animation: Matias Sesti, Nicolas Agarzua, Patricio Passaralli

Illustrator: Isaac Hugo Barbosa


Client: Airbnb China

Creative Director: Justin Leung

Designer: Vicki Sun

Copywriter: Iris Weng

Creative Producer: Ray Fu


Animation Studio: Taiko Studios

Director: Shaofu Zhang

Co-Director: Andrew Chesworth

Producer: Hande Zhang

Production Supervisor: Erik Lee

Animation Support: Blossom Pictures (Beijing)

CG Supervisor CG: Brad Falk

Business Manager: Pablo Meng

Anima-on Supervisor: Brian Dowrick

Production Manager: Jingyang Zhao


Music Production Company: Antfood

Creative Director: Lou Schmidt

Genres: Animation, Storytelling

Categories: Travel

Final Frontier, 10 months ago