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We created a real life experiment featuring dental students (a group that is obviously pretty fastidious about their oral hygiene) which illuminated hidden plaque with a luminescent dye under blacklight. Then we showed them the difference when they brush with ARM & HAMMER and captured their reactions. Needless to say, they were pretty surprised.

The work dramatizes that 5X difference you get when using ARM & HAMMER toothpaste. And it looks nothing like the rest of the toothpaste category and that really has the capacity to shock people out of their usual routines.


Advertiser: ARM & HAMMER

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: The VIA Agency

Art Director: Renata Chimenti and Emi Morita

Copywriter: Will Garcia

Strategist: Brian Demick and Sarah Peck

Creative Lead: Ian Dunn

Project Management: Louisa Beaulieu and Clare DeSantis

Producer: Jennifer Klumas

The VIA Agency, 6 months ago