GORE-TEX - Tested For Life

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From the early stages it was very clear that this film would require a close relationship between visuals and sound.

GORE-TEX puts its technologies through rigorous tests, designed to stress its innovative products to the very limit. To achieve this, GORE-TEX uses custom-made testing machines to emulate the situations its products face in real life and expose its materials repetitively to the (machine-generated) elements. These machines and their testing routines make a lot of noise. It was our task to find the music within that noise.

Together with the agency AKQA and director TJ O’Grady Peyton, Bubbles Film specifically asked BLUT to incorporate these noises in their soundtrack by using them to create the rhythm and beat that propels the edit and builds the drama of the commercial. 

Genres: Music & Sound Design

Categories: Clothing and Fashion, Outdoor Wear

BLUT, 8 months ago