Liam Payne - Live Forever

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Directors: Similar But Different

Head of Music Video: Elizabeth Doonan

Producer: Louisa Plumstead

Production Manager: Amy Jackson

Production Assistant: Luca Chapman

Managing Director: Fergus Brown

Managing Director: Chris Barrett

Commissioner: Lisa Foo

Record Label: Capitol Records


Location Manager: Bill Clay

DOP: Aaron Reid

Videographer: Conor Butler

Production Designer: Lucie Reid

Wardrobe Stylist: Adele Can

Wardrobe Assistant: Morgan Hall

Glam: Bjorn Krischker

Makeup Artist: Natasha Livesy

Stunt Coordinator: Abbi Collins


Edit: Sam Hardy @ Electric Theatre Collective

Colorist: Oscar Wendt @ Electric Theatre Collective

Genres: Music performance, People

Categories: Music video, Short Films and Music Videos

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