All At Once

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The mission of Tochka Bank is to ease the life of entrepreneurs. The video, directed by Emir Kusturica, pictures the Russian business market as a gypsy one – grotesque, noisy, chaotic. The Hatters – a popular Russian band playing gypsy “alco-hardcore” music – wrote and performed the read-between-the-lines song. In this absurd and caricature world, an entrepreneur has to overcome difficulties the main antagonist – the Boss – is responsible for. He is a vivid two-in-one representation of the government and monopolies. With his family, he terrorizes local sole proprietors and their employees in seven ways (typical for the country): by not paying the bills, demanding bribes, falsifying government tenders, holding control over the customs, bogarting other businesses and refusing to register new ones, robbing and crushing down his competitors. However, Tochka believes - if entrepreneurs stick together, they can make it right. Popular bloggers and entrepreneurs who write about business, politics, social development and beauty industry played the main characters.

In just twelve hours after its release, the video soared to the Top-3 of Russian Youtube.

The read-between-the-lines song is a rebellious hymn for those who are tired of anyone trying to get in the way of their wildest dreams, and as the narrator says it out loud in a straightforward way, the lyrics evolve to perky lines:

“They say no and I say go f*ck yourself”,

“Listen, man, I’m here to take it all”

“I want it this way, period.” (“Tochka” is Russian for “period”).

“Everybody here is walking on the edge and fights for a better world to live in,”

“The world where you can achieve it all at once.”

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Voskhod, 8 months ago