No Ties Allowed

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In small cities, they know who they can and cannot trust: in the world of mouth marketing, a well-decorated shop sign is of no help at all.

For many years now, ASKO INSURANCE has been the industry leader in small cities. The company does not impose additional services and is diligent with paying the money. Everyone who works at ASKO knows that they will look their clients in the eyes after work.

In Russia, we always say that in the sauna everybody is equal. It’s a place where you don’t bring your social status or up-to-date gadgets. However, ASKO employees are universally respected.

We shot the video in a real sauna under creative direction of a Finnish director Mikko Lehtinen, who knows that you cannot fake the sauna effect with make-up. We had to cool the equipment down every 5-10 minutes. 

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Voskhod, 8 months ago