Trip In The Dark

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Vladimir, a visually impaired guide, conducts city tours and gifts a unique experience developing human potential by thinking, concentration and attention.

We created a website that connects the guide and users who want to acquire new experience. The website reflects the name of the project: the more you walk, the more information you get about the outer world. Like people with visual impairment, we dive into the world of sounds that we feel to the outmost only through physical activity.

We illustrated Vladimir’s walk of life with 3D experience. Every real-life step of a user brings up an action on the mobile website. Website interaction can be also done with voice. Users add real city sounds into their cart in order to book a trip with an extraordinary guide. The feedback of those who have already lived in the “dark” helps to immerse into the sense deprivation experience.

We developed the site using Cinema 4d, canvas, sound mapping, Google Voice-To-Speech service API, THREE.js, vue.js, svg-animation, Google maps API, browsers resources (motion orientation and voice recording).

Take a virtual walk via the website and open – just for a bit – the world woven from sounds, touches, tastes and trust. 


Advertiser: Vladimir Vaskevich

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: Voskhod

Art Director: Anna Maslyakova

Executive Creative Director: Dmitry Maslakov

Creative Director: Andrey Gubaydullin

Tech lead: Vasily Tsykin

Digital designer: Liliya Zagidullina

Music: Slava R

Sound design and mastering: Mikhail Kokorin, Anna Maslyakova

Photographer & cameraman: Alexey Udartsev

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Voskhod, 8 months ago