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The Germans are the 2nd largest consumers of sugar in the world, 102 grams a day. So if you wnt to keep your teeth strong, the Blend- a-med Institute has developed a toothpaste that actively shields against sugar, found in our everyday diet, for up to 24 hours. All the protection I need… all day… from blend-a-med, The winner of stiwa. Blend-a-med, for a stronger bite tomorrow.


Advertiser: Blend-a-Med

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: Sra. Rushmore

Production Company

Production Company: The Gang (Spain)

Director: Frank Nesemann

Executive Producer (CEO): Matt Grousset

Art Director: Oriol Guardiola

Production Service

Production Service Company: Krypton International

Executive Producer: Telma Alfredo

City: Lisbon

Year: 2018

Genres: People, Storytelling, Dialogue

Categories: Dental Care, Beauty & Health

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