Nivea Men - Jogi

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For our boy the high five action is way more than just an expression of his cheerfulness and excitement. He truly believes that these high fives in connection with his lucky charm, the Jogi Löw official fan-tee will create a perfect basis for the German football team to defend its world championship and to win it for the fifth time - A truly great way to give our t-shirt both - emotional or even magic impact as well as positive cultism. 

Since the boy it's a huge fan of the National Team, he ends up having the opportunity to meet the national Coach, and High five him.


Advertiser: Nivea Men

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: FCB Hamburg

Production Company

Production Company: Wanda Productions (Germany)

Executive Producer: Julian Brayshaw

Production Service

Production Service Company: Krypton International

Executive Producer: Telma Alfredo

Director: Augusto de Fraga

Art Director: Montsita Romero

City: Lisbon

Year: 2018

Genres: People, Scenic, Storytelling

Categories: Beauty & Health, Shower, Bath and Soap

Krypton International, 4 months ago