Roger Waters - Us + Them Feature Film

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Pickled. were approached by the Roger Waters team to collaborate with their New York studio, to help bring the Us + Them tour to cinema screens around the world. Pickled consulted and set to action a post production pipeline, sharing data across the Atlantic to the Roger Waters creative team.

The film content was shot during the Amsterdam leg of the European leg of the Us + Them tour.

The Red 8K Helium camera was the weapon of choice, with not just one, but 20, shooting continually throughout the performance. Data was transferred and backed up to Raided G-Drive XL drives consuming 320TB of data.

Pickled. delivered circa 300 shots working closely with producer Clare Spencer, director Sean Evans and DI Operator Kate Izor.


Production: Us + Them


Director: Sean Evans

Producer: Clare Spencer

DI: Kate Izor


Producer: Danny Jones

VFX Supervisor: Craig Reeves

Artists: David Birkill, Allan Torp Jenson, Petro Coco, Martin Wellens, Mike Blackman

Genres: Documentary, Music performance, Music & Sound Design, Visual VFX, Musical

Categories: Media and Entertainment, Movies

Pickled. Post Production, 8 months ago