Samsung - Dinner Party

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Samsung AddWash

Even when offscreen, the Samsung AddWash washer is our ever-present hero. Simply knowing that their home is equipped with a one-of-a-kind washer that forgives their mistakes, be it a splash of red wine on a tablecloth or a forgotten piece of laundry, emboldens our characters to live life with a sense of courage that liberates them from a fear of letting things get messy. Our Dad can enjoy a muddy hug from his daughter and our proper woman can indulge in a plate of nachos while dancing to her favorite song.


Advertiser: Samsung

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: R/GA

Production Company

Production Company: Little Minx (USA)

Executive Producer: Jennette MacLahlan

Production Service

Production Service Company: Krypton International

Executive Producer: Telma Alfredo

Director: Augusto de Fraga

Art Director: Montsita Romero

City: Lisbon

Year: 2017

Genres: People, Action, Storytelling

Categories: Home, Laundry

Krypton International, 8 months ago