McDonald's Veggie - Douche

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It isn’t every days that McDonald’s creates a sandwich 100% vegetarian. It’s even the first time!

That’s why, the announcement of the « Big Veggie »’s release, is something unexpected. And the commercial about the « Big Veggie » are likely to surprise more than one.


Advertiser: McDonald's

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: TBWA

Production Company

Production Company: Gang Films (France)

Director: Simon Levene

Executive Producer: Jean Villiers

Production Service

Production Service Company: Krypton International

Executive Producer: Telma Alfredo

Art Director: Montsita Romero

City: Lisbon

Year: 2017

Genres: Comedy, People, Dialogue

Categories: Food, Vegetarian / Vegan

Krypton International, 6 months ago