When Too Strong Is Too Much

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For the launch of new mid-strength beer ‘The Stayer’, beloved Sydney brewer Young Henrys enlisted Playtime director Stef Smith to command the giggles. In her distinctive, off-the-wall directing style, Stef shoots a hilarious montage of everyday disasters: hitting a cricket ball through a car window, putting a hammer through a plaster wall, spilling a jar of sauce on a white cardigan, sending a love heart emoji to that person you’ve only just met. The point is, sometimes 'too strong is too much’ and with 'The Stayer', Young Henrys reminds us that sometimes mid-strength is just the right strength. Combining blundering slapstick, idiosyncratic art direction and the kind of stilted, self-deprecating narration that Australians do so well, Stef Smith has delivered a side-splitting spot that marks her as a comedy director on the rise.

Client: Young Henrys

Director : Stef Smith

Producer : Tom Slater

Executive Producer : Oliver Lawrance

DOP : Jack Saltmiras

Production Designer : Elizabeth Gadsby

Editor : Lily Davis

Post Production: The Editors

Sound Designer: Timothy Bridge

Sound Post Production: Sonar Music

Composer: Jonny Higgins

Genres: Comedy

Categories: Alcoholic Beverages

Photoplay Films, 5 months ago