Newcastle Writers Festival

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“Every story is two stories. The one on the surface and the one bubbling beneath.” Grace Paley.

The Newcastle Writers Festival isn’t just an opportunity to celebrate and share the stories we already know and love. It’s goes much deeper.

The idea behind the ‘The Stories Behind The Stories’ platform was to give writers the chance to delve into the stories behind their work – the motivations, inspirations and fascinating tales that lead to a story being written. For people attending the festival, they were given the unique opportunity to hear and learn more about the stories they know and love.

Using a spectrogram (technology that allows sound to be visualised), we placed a hidden message in our radio ad, and directed listeners to our campaign website where they could watch a video of the radio ad and discover the story behind the story being told within the radio spot.


Advertiser: Newcastle Writers Festival

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: Enigma

Art Director: Dan Stephens

Senior Writer: Matt Dawe

Strategist: Gerad Petherbridge

Head of Design: Tim Ryder

Executive Creative Director: Pete Ogden

Account Director: Brendan Swansborough

Print Producer: Sally rogers


Sound Company: ISM Studio

Producer: Mark Brandis

Genres: Music & Sound Design, Storytelling

Categories: Media and Entertainment, Books

Enigma, 9 months ago