VIZIO Atmos and PX

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Advertiser: VIZO

Brand: ATMOS and PX

Production Company

Executive Producer: Ashley Monaghan

Producer: John Szebegyinszki and Ryan MacLean

FX: Phillip Pavlov, Rich Nosworthy

Lighting & Rendering: Jeff Briant, Vitaly Grossmann

Compositing: Chris Bahry

Creative Director: Chris Bahry

Coordinator: Brittany Sheahan

Art Director: Vitaly Grossmann

Production Company: Tendril Design + Animation

Concept / Direction / Design / Animation: Vitaly Grossmann, Rich Nosworthy, Jeff Briant, Philipp Pavlov


Sound Company: ZENTHING

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: PARTNER

Creative Director: Justin Meredith, Rich Scurry and Will Hartman

Producer: Heidi Zadok

Tendril, 9 months ago