The most uneventful VR experience ever made

Advertising Agency
Helsinki, Finland
About hasan & partners

Great brands can have a positive impact on our society. They drive businesses – and do their part to create a better, more fun and interesting world. At hasan & partners we strive for a world free from pointless marketing messages – while helping brands to become more meaningful, useful and entertaining. Our goal is to make the brands we work with become worlds people want to buy into.

The way we work
*Collaborative: No solution is created without having our client as an integral part of the agile team.
*Scalable: One size does not fit all. Scaling up or down, adapting the team and ways of working to the problem at hand.
*Adaptable: No preset forms or borders. Organised for integrated, multi-disciplinary problem solving.
*Passionate: “Never satisfied” is our guiding motto. Passion drives our creative culture, without it we’re nothing.
Our legacy
We’ve been around since 1991. We’re extremely proud of our history and the recognition we’ve earned. We have often reinvented ourselves – sometimes almost from the ground up. Yet some things have remained to form the very heart of our culture. We want our people and our ideas to be brave, we like to take risks, we include and engage talented, hard-working, insightful people from all over the world. More than anything, we enjoy it when people notice our work. Foremost bringing long term value to our clients and their business.