Pets with Credit

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Every year credit card companies send out thousands of cards. In a mad dash to get as many consumers hooked on credit as possible, sometimes they accidentally send credit cards to dogs. To illustrate the perils of credit card debt and encourage Canadians to pay with Interac Debit instead, we made a short based-on-reality dogumentary about a dog who accidentally receives a credit card—and actually uses it. 


Advertiser: Interac Association

Brand: Interac

Media Agency

Media Agency: Media Experts


Sound Company: Eggplant

Sound Engineer: Brad Tigwell

Producer: Nicola Treadgold

Audio Director: Adam Dameline

Creative Agency

Copywriter: Jacob Pacey

Art Director: Fiorella Martinez

Strategist: Emma Brooks

Producer: Tara Cochrane, Tara Handley

Executive Creative Director: Allen Oke

Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh

Creative Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo

Production Company

Production Company: Zulubot

Executive Producer: Shaam Makan

Director: Sean Wainsteim

Producer: Marc Juliar

DOP: Jackson Parrell

Casting Director: Andrew Hayes/Tristan Abraham, Powerhouse Casting


Edit Company: Zulubot

Editor: Adam Dameline

Categories: Finance

Zulu Alpha Kilo, 11 months ago