1800 Seconds

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A short documentary uncovering the lives of 10 artists who came together in the iconic Westlake Studios to create an album- 1800 Seconds, curated by Pusha T.

Listen to the album: 1800seconds.com


Brand: 1800 Tequila

Post Production / VFX

Colourist: Jaime O'Bradovich

Post Production Company: Company 3

Producer: Tom Gehring


Sound Company: One Thousand Birds

Producer: Kira MacKnight

Sound Engineer: Calvin Pia

Digital Agency

Digital Agency: Experience-Interaction

Producer: Nora Resnick

Production Company

Production Company: Voyager

Executive Producer: Andrew Hutcheson

Director: Andrew Litten

DOP: Ben Mullen

Producer: Steven Taylor


Edit Company: Voyager

Editor: Andrew Litten

Producer: Nick Crane

Genres: Documentary

Categories: Spirits, Alcoholic Beverages

Voyager, 10 months ago