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About Sid Lee

We transform what we touch

Sid Lee builds business for its clients by transforming the consumer experience across all touch points. That’s our thing.

There are no real boundaries between digital marketing, design, content, advertising, retail design and other disciplines. The distinctions are artificial. In fact, for the consumer, almost every moment in their day-to-day life involves an interaction with a brand, and all are equally important. Every touch point must be carefully created to provide a rich and consistent experience. Sid Lee creates experiences using an integrated approach, transforming them into growth drivers for our clients.

Sure, Sid Lee has one of the most multidisciplinary creative teams in the world. But that isn’t enough. We cultivate radical collaboration by continually tearing down the barriers that creep up between disciplines. Guided by a core group of strategists, we develop transformative consumer experiences that go beyond what silo-imprisoned thinking can deliver. While many agencies talk about it, we’ve been walking the walk for more than two decades.

In this era of constant and rapid change, our mission is to transform brands by continuously taking incremental steps in the right direction and making big pivotal leaps when the timing is right. If you look closely at our work, you will see that we do more than pay lip service to transformation. It is what we do. We believe that all organizations, ours included, must provoke change, or at least embrace it. Although it’s easier said than done, we have a robust track record that demonstrates our approach works.

─ Story

Just a bunch of broke, ambitious kids

To say that our company began very modestly is an understatement. A bunch of students got together in 1993 to launch an agency because they could not even land interviews at traditional agencies. With no portfolio, no experience, no clients, and no money (except for a $6,000 loan each!), we set out to learn the craft. We worked hard, made bold moves, ran into a few bumps, but were lucky enough to have clients who supported us in our quest to explore new ways of doing things. 

This progressive attitude and a real knack for digital and other progressive disciplines made Sid Lee an innovative force globally and allowed us to win assignments all over the world. We elect to transform the agency even when the going is good, embracing change and never heeding the siren song of the status quo. Sid Lee has repeatedly morphed itself — sometimes by taking real risks — to better adapt to changing consumers, technologies, and markets. An interactive marketing trailblazer, we were one of the few digital firms, if not the only, to become a full-service provider. 

Our unique journey taught us to really appreciate how lucky we are to be together, to work with prestigious clients, and to have fun in the process.

We Work globally from five cities

Our offices are based in Montréal, Paris, Toronto, L.A. and New York, but our clients come from all over the world. Our teams regularly travel to North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to visit clients and work with suppliers.

Montreal - Welcome to the mother ship 

Home, or our head office, is located in Montreal, an international creative hub that bridges North America and Europe with its singular mix of French-speaking and English-speaking communities and its multicultural fabric. The city overflows with two things: snow (lots and lots of it in the winter) and dynamism in the technology, multimedia, video gaming, live entertainment, movie, and aerospace industries. In 2012, we celebrated our Montreal roots by creating C2MTL, a large-scale global innovation event that Sid Lee now curates every year.

Sid Lee has been an active member of the marketing community in Montreal for two decades. This city has been good to us and we are proud to be playing a small part in making Montreal’s creative talents better known around the world. 

75, rue Queen, bureau 1400

Montréal, Québec, H3C 2N6


Phone: +1 (514) 282.2200

Toronto - Tapping into Canada’s creative spirit

With its multicultural history, diversity of neighbourhoods, and growing food, film, fashion, and music scenes, Toronto is evolving into a magnet for the best and most ambitious talents. What better place to develop world-class, culturally relevant work?

Our Toronto office has become a dominant player in the reinvention of brands looking to shape the future in their respective categories. Our goal is to develop creative work that transforms brands into growth platforms and our strategically rooted approach re-imagines how consumers can interact with brands today.

The Sid Lee Toronto client list encompasses mandates that are regional, national, and international in nature.

952 Queen St. W.

Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1G8


Phone: +1 (416) 421.4200

Paris - The only micro-network agency in Paris 

Our Paris team leverages world-class French talent to develop national, pan-European, and international campaigns. Thanks to its multicultural and multidisciplinary team, our Paris office provides innovative solutions to forward-thinking clients from all over the world. Combining the agility and creative standards of a boutique with the global reach of the Sid Lee network since 2009, Sid Lee Paris is the only foreign independent agency to succeed in France.

12, rue du Sentier

Paris, 75002


Phone: +33 (1)

USA - Reaching for the stars & stripes

Since 2012, Sid Lee has been firmly established in the United States, quickly gaining an enviable reputation as a thought-leading hot shop servicing many of the country’s most progressive and iconic brands. Based in Los Angeles, the epicenter of content and innovation, and with an extensive network reaching all the way to New York, our multi-faceted and integrated team delivers work that matters for a global clientele, and offers a rarity in fully holistic international medium solutions, supported by the production, technological, and architectural weight of Sid Lee’s global collect

3585 Hayden Ave,

Culver City, California, 90232

United States