The Open University - International Open Diaries: Tilmann

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Senior Marketing Manager: Kieran Costigan (International)

Advertiser: The Open University

Head of Acquisition and Brand: Claudia Church

Production Company

Director: Paul Akinrinlola, Israel Peters

Production Company: Sweet Shop, HKX Productions

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: Havas

International Account Director: Florence Weber-Zuanigh (Havas International)

International Account Manager: Céline Collarini (Havas International)

International Account Executive: Gabriele Graziano (Havas International)

Executive Creative Director: Stuart Peddie (Havas helia)

Creative Director: Andrew Park (Havas helia)

Creatives: Carys Newbury (Havas helia)

Managing Partner: Mike Welsh (Havas helia), Rob Breese (Havas Media), James Boulton (Havas International)

Account Director: Alex Bailey (Havas helia)

Agency Producer: Dominique Strouthos (Havas helia)

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