Knight of Shadows Case Study

Production Company
Los Angeles, United States
Agency / Creative
Post Production / VFX
We created hero CGI environments for over 100 shots in Jackie Chan’s new mythical feature film that premiered in more than 14,000 theaters across Asia.

A large portion of the film was set on the Zhangjiajie mountainscapes of China in a mythical land where they are filled with clusters of houses for a large native population. The rocks are interconnected together through a network of bridges in a single ecosystem.

Our goal was to marry the concept art world with the digital world using cinematic visual style, photo-realism, and detail level for the massive IMAX screens across Asia.

We sculpted every rock, planted every tree, and built every house to bring this vision to life. Every shot was meticulously art directed and filled with thousands of elements.

We worked closely with the art department on set to get tons of image references. These then became the base for our digital sets.

Our CGI houses precisely matched the built houses. We used these in our fully digital environments to bring the project to life with an incredible sense of detail and realism.
About Bipolar Studio

Bipolar Studio is a high end, boutique production company located in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles.

We work with agencies & brands directly to execute stories & visuals. We obsess over details to maximize every pixel and minimize every line item.

Biologically merging film, art, science and computer generated imagery we create something radically new.

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