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Burger King needed to gain consideration in its food delivery service in front of a competition that grows with online ordering platforms such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo. They are digital search engines that don't make their food, they don't have the capacity to produce products. We wanted to take advantage of this to create a campaign that they could never do, based on the launch of a product that solved a problem that no one had addressed before and that affects 128 million families in Spain and the United States. Something very much linked to home consumption. For all those who have dogs, it is more difficult to enjoy their hamburger quiet, the smell of meat makes dogs ask for food, their owners can not fully enjoy that moment. A problem that everyone empathizes with and feels identified with. In order to generate notoriety, affinity and increase sales, we launched the first bone with Whopper flavor. A gift for dogs, but especially for their owners, who could finally enjoy their hamburger relaxed.


Clients: Fernando Machado, Marcelo Pascoa, Bianca Shen, Yvette Altet, Lucía Girón.

Advertiser: Burger King

Brand: Burger King

Post Production / VFX

Post Production Company: Free Your Mind

Production Company

Production Company: Primo

Producer: Inés Segura e Inés Massa

Director: Martín Kalina

Creative Agency

Content Director: Auxi Barea

Content Supervisor: María Muñano

Creative General Director: Miguel Olivares, Javier Carrasco

Client Service Director: Guillermo Lecumberri

Agency Producer: Martín Beilin (Los Producers)

Creative Agency: La Despensa

Copywriter: Kike Garrán, Nicolás Bernaudo y Cristina Rivas

Art Director: Ana Pareja y Loreto Manzanera

Executive Creative Director: David Ricoy

Creative Director: José Carlos Gómez

Account Team: Alfredo González, Tania Martínez y Noelia Escandell.

Genres: Storytelling

Categories: Restaurants, Retail and Restaurants

La Despensa, 1 year ago