Mini Flame King

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In Turkey, everyone is madly in love with barbecue. People fire up the grill anytime and anywhere: parks, balconies, boats or just on the side of the road. It is probably one of the many reasons why Burger King is the leading fast-food brand in Turkey and why there are branches all around Turkey.


Except in one city: Sinop.


Recently, we've seen sad tweets and messages from Burger King fans lamenting about the lack of a branch in Sinop. Burger King didn't want to let them down, and since we won't be able to open a restaurant in Sinop right away, the brand decided to send them an unforgettable gift for them: The Mini Flame King grill. A flame grill the same size as the Whopper box, portable and convenient, and the perfect gift for people who love to barbecue this much.


Burger King replied to them on social media with targeted videos showing off the Mini Flame King grill experience. The conversation which started in Sinop quickly spread to Burger King fans across the country. Our Mini Flame King videos reached more than five million people, garnered more than 2 million views. And to meet public demand, we had to make more hundreds more Mini Flame King grills!


As the king of flame-grilling, we made sure the fire of flame grill burns across the country.


Advertiser: TAB Gida

Brand: Burger King

Post Production / VFX

Post Production Company: İmaj Post Production

Production Company

Production Company: Norr Production

Executive Producer: Deniz Kunkut

Producer: Alihan Dobada

Director: Can Pehlivanlı

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: VMLY&R Istanbul

Executive Creative Director: Ayşe Aydın Erdoğan

Creative Director: Mehmet Güney

Regional Creative Director: Jaime Mandelbaum

Creative Group Head: Ozan Aslan, Can Yıldız

Client Services: Aşkın Baş, Cansu Çelebican

Client Management: Burak Akın, Yasemin Ağırdır, İrem Güler, Emel Onganer, Melis Demircigil, Görkem Akyavuz, Serap Şahinoğlu

Graphic Designer: İbrahim Özdemir

Strategic Planning: Dilek Terliksiz, Özge Sargın

Genres: Storytelling

Categories: Food

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