‘The Gift of Time’ an interactive 360° activation

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CEO: Scott Harrison

Brand: charity

Strategic Event Manager: Laura MacFie

Senior Creative Producer: Alessandra Troute

Production Company

Director: Drew Lightfoot

Production Company: TRADEMARK + BODEGA

Executive Producer: Clint Goldman

Executive Producers: Elle Chan

Director of Photography: Mark Moher

Producer: Kate Keleher

Head of Production: Wendy Cook

Audio Engineer: Ian McGettigan


Technical Producer, Total Media VR: David Robinson

Editor, Rooster Post Production: Mikaela Bodin, Michelle Czukar

Colorist, Nice Shoes: Roslyn Di Sisto

Compositing / Stabilization, Torus Media Labs: Aden Bahadori

Musician, LIVE FOOTAGE: Mike Thies, Topu Lyo

Sound Designer, Grayson Matthews: Ross Gillard

Founder, Digital Content + Interactive Design, All of it Now: Danny Firpo, Howad Wong

Front End Developer, All of it Now: Zack Marlow McCarthy

Co-Founder, Creative Director, Immersive: Nabiel Musleh

Creative Agency

Producer: Kate Keleher

Executive Producer: Clint Goldman

Head of Production: Wendy Cook

Creative Agency: TRADEMARK + BODEGA

Creative Director: Drew Lightfoot

Bodega, 1 year ago