Microsoft Office 365

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Office is used by over 1 billion people around the world, daily. Across a vast spectrum of industries, cultures, and generations, and devices. Tendril was approached to concept and create a film for the Microsoft Ignite Conference that showcased the simple, powerful, and intelligent UI/UX of the new Office 365 Suite.

Music Company: Zelig Sound

Production Company

Production Company: Tendril Design + Animation

Executive Producer: Ashley Monaghan

Producer: John Szebegyinszki

Creative Director: Nando Costa (Microsoft), Chris Bahry, Alex Torres (Tendril)

Coordinator: Jill Wilkie

Art Director: Nidia Dias

Designers: Nidia Dias, Joey Recoskie, Yeseong Kim, Nejc Polovsak, Alberto Carbonelli

Animation: Joey Recoskie, Yeseong Kim, Nejc Polovsak, Leandro Beltran, Samuel Bohn, Jeff Briant

3D Rendering and Lighting: Jeff Briant, Nejc Polovsak, Joey Recoskie

Compositing: Brad Husband

Production Service

Production Service Company: Nice & Juicy

Executive Producer: Christian Tyler

Producer: Christian Tyler

Director: Ross Lai

Production Manager: Nicolas Houghton

DOP: Jonathan Cliff

Production Designer: Ben Gerlis

Styling: Jackie McKeown


Brand: Microsoft

Genres: Animation

Categories: Consumer Electronics

Tendril, 1 year ago