Gilette 'Chill"

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To better explain a new product, we created an experiemental world that investigates the genesis of two seeemingly opposing feelings.
Post Production / VFX

Flame Artists: Mark French

Flame/Smoke Compositing and FX: Kirk Balden, Kevin Quinlan


Sound Company: Heard City

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: Grey

Production Company

Director: Chris Dooley

Producer: Chad Carbone

Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro

Managing Partner: Devin Brook

Head of Production: Julie Shevach

Director of Production: Jonathan Sela

Line Producer: David Wolfson

Technical Director: Justin Bakse

Designers: Andres Rivera, Jeff Welk, David Chun, Chieh Yeh

Storyboards: Ryan Beckwith, Hugh Keenan

3D Artists: Dan Bradham, Morten Kühl Christensen

2D Animator: Peter Harp, Joel Watkins, Michael Constabile, Adam Stockett, Morten Kühl Christensen


Music Company: Barking Owl


Editor: Ron Brodie, Eron Otcasek

Edit Assistant: Tyler Byrnes, Rachel Ambelang

Brand New School, 1 year ago