Shady Sam

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Shady Sam, a new game created by McKinney for Next Gen Personal Finance, takes aim at predatory lenders by casting its players not as victims but as sleazy stars in an 8-bit B movie. The game uses this look and conceit to drive home the perils of predatory lending and its far-reaching and pernicious implications on people’s credit ratings as well as their ability to finance their dreams.

Advertiser: Next Gen Personal Finance


Copy Editor: Scott Schomburg

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: McKinney

Copywriter: Jade Stoner

Art Director: Kathryn Moffitt

Strategist: Kevin Murray

Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Cude

Creative Director: Jenny Nicholson

Interactive Producer: Colin Dwan

Programmer: Beth McKnight

Illustrator: eBoy

Quality Assurance: Alec Kunkel

Categories: Finance

McKinney, 1 year ago