Night Under the Stars - Land Rover
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London, UK
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The most memorable moments in life are almost always the ones that are unplanned. The hilarious makeshift picnic you have in the car because the heavens have opened. The wrong turn that takes you to that magical stretch of beach. The magical moments we remember and tell our kids about. Spark44 created three social films for the UK featuring the Land Rover remote app (Intelligent Seat Fold, Climate Control, Bleep and Flash) These features are demo’ed during a father and son camping trip.
About Spark44
"We sought an advanced model, but could not find it anywhere in the industry. So, we created it."
Dr. Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover / Ralf Specht, Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer, Spark44

Spark44 Shared Partners Model.
There is an old saying in the advertising business, “Better, faster, cheaper – pick two, but you can’t have all three.” We felt that, working collectively, we could find a way to deliver on all three.

The world's first agency of its kind. Creating Demand, Together.
We call ourselves Demand Creation Partners, and we are the first truly global, shared-partner, creative agency model. Spark44 is a joint venture between JLR and agency management, dedicated to the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. Whether our future partners choose the Joint Venture Model or the Strategic Partners Model, they have a team fully dedicated to driving their business.

Not an in-house agency but an independent creative agency with our own culture driving results together.
With 18 offices in 16 countries, we function as one global team, client and agency, developing in partnership a holistic communication program across all media channels with one global P&L shared between us.

Outstanding work
This unique partnership has resulted in some of the most effective work in the business. Jaguar’s “Good To Be Bad” campaign was awarded one of only 3 Effie Awards for the most effective automotive campaign in 2015.

Demand Creation Partners
Since the launch of Spark44 in 2011, brand health and purchase consideration for both Jaguar and Land Rover has increased by double-digits. Total annual unit sales have also increased during this period – from 306,000 in FY 11/12 to 604,000 in FY 16/17. Today, more than 1,000 Spark44 associates are supporting the entire mix of Jaguar Land Rover’s marketing communications on a day-to-day basis.

Searching for the best way – Everyday
It is in our DNA that we always seek to advance the business we feel responsible for. This is why we have built the agency model around radical transparency. “Inside” our teams – and “integrated” with our client’s business. This is unique and allows a non-silo approach to the huge numbers of communication channels that today’s marketing mix requires.