Nike "Children's Day - Basketball"

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Trippy animated pieces complete with a talking vulture for Nike China's Children's Day celebrations.
Production Company

Director: Brumby Boylston

Producer: Greg Heffron

Creative Director: Brumby Boylston

Designers: Nick Iluzado, Yoon Kim, Peter Lee

Animation Supervisor: Scott Uyeshima

2D Animator: Min Kim, Peter Lee, Sol Lee, Pierre Bassil, Laury Santoso, Adam Lawrence

Cel Animators: Taik Lee, Aly Tain, Stephanie Simpson, Jamal Ademola

Storyboarder: Max Forward

Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro

Managing Partner: Devin Brook

Head of Production: Amy Russo

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai

Brand New School, 1 year ago