Hyatt Place "Theres A Place For You - Jane"

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Shifting sets show off the benefits of staying at Hyatt Place for business.

Brand: Hyatt Place

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: Toth & Co.

Production Company

Director: Jonathan Notaro

Production Company: Brand New School

DOP: Tommy Wildner

Producer: Misha Brea

Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro

Managing Partner: Devin Brook

Line Producer: David Wolfson

Designers: Andres Rivera, David Chen, Sakona Kong, Emeric Trahand, Jeff Welk, Joel Watkins

3D Artist: Dan Bradham

2D Animator: Kajse Rasten

Storyboard: William Rosado

Head of Production: Julie Shevach

Colorist: Mark French

Brand New School, 1 year ago