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InsureandGo appointed ROAST to turn around their SEO activity, following on from the impact of a penalty in 2012, prior to which they were a forerunner of the industry in terms of search. InsureandGo came to ROAST with the specific search challenge of regaining their lost visibility, an ambition that ROAST embraced, but it didn’t come without obstacles. During the prior couple of years, price comparison websites had drastically increased their market share in the search landscape, meaning that InsureandGo were becoming increasingly reliant on Paid channels, while making smaller profit margins. Following this recent history of poor rankings, clearly a bespoke and strategic campaign was imperative, and ROAST needed to think outside the box. The strategy that was put into place was that of exploring niche areas of focus in a wide and varied market place. By creating a unique integrated SEO tech and content campaign, which after addressing technical issues, focussed on generating interest and engagement within these communities, we were able to create positive ranking signals, which in turn increased InsureandGo’s search visibility. This led to a boost on all lower-level search queries related to our campaigns which in turn drove up overall rankings for InsureandGo in major, very competitive, generic categories.

Brand: InsureandGo

Advertiser: ROAST & Kitty (part of the TIPi Group)

Genres: Storytelling

Categories: Finance

TIPi Group, 1 year ago