PUMA Football - Power Up

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A handful of whizzes face each other looking for the most spectacular console goal. Rogelio filmed the battle and even gave PUMA superpowers to the ones in the pitch.

Sound Engineer: Carles Prats


Stylist: Ahida Aguirre

Makeup Artist: Andrea Trenado

Production Company

Executive Producer: Oscar Romagosa

DOP: Daniel F. Abelló

Producer: Xavi Vara

Head of Production: Alba Barneda

Production Manager: Itsasne Santos

Post Production: Álvaro Posadas

Editor: Estel Román

Production Company: CANADA

Art Director: Marc Galán, Teresa Montanuy

Director: Rogelio

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: Helsinki

Creative Director: Daniel Dominguez

CANADA London, 1 year ago