Stop HB2

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North Carolina's House Bill 2 happened. And it made us angry. On March 23, 2016, HB2 greatly limited the ability of local government to enact antidiscrimination ordinances and required people to use the single-sex public restroom that corresponds with the gender identified on their birth certificate. Uproar over HB 2 ensued. National acts canceled in protest, PayPal withdrew its plan to expand in Charlotte, and supporters of the trans community were up in arms. Our CEO and other national leaders (like Zuckerberg) signed a letter calling for the bill's appeal, but that wasn't enough. We turned to the most effective means of change we know: Creativity.
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Creative Agency: McKinney

Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Cude


Advertiser: Equality NC

Brand: Stop HB2

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McKinney, 1 year ago